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Rules & Waiver

Participants' Rules & Waiver to participate. 

Rules & Policies

GENERAL PARTICIPATION 1)General Participation 1.To participate in the Colorado State Dance Championship dancers must have completed registration forms by the deadline March 17th, 2024. a.To register for the competition. the director or legal representative of the competitor, institution, or team will carry out the registration process. 2.COMPLETING REGISTRATION: i.Fill out online registration form at ii.By checking the box at the end of the online registration form you are acknowledging and legally certifying that you accept ALL conditions of the competition and waiver/release form on behalf of yourself or minor. iii.Once we have received your registration forms, you will receive a “welcome packet” from Please look for this email as it will contain your confirmation of all of entries (please check that all registration info is correct), info for how you can pay for your entries, and a link for you to upload your music if you are doing a showdance entry. iv.Participants and registrations must be paid in full by the date specified by the competition. Participants not paid in full prior to event will not be permitted to compete. 3.PAYMENT: You must make the participation payment on dates established by the event organization. Payments after the deadline are not guaranteed acceptance of registration. We accept credit card, Paypal, and cashier checks and studio checks ONLY. Using a credit card will result in a surcharge of 2.59% plus 49 cents per transaction (or current 2024 rate at the time of processing) to cover the cost of processing a credit card or charge card transaction. i.Make checks payable to: Colorado State Dance Championship Mail to Colorado State Dance Championship PO Box 460895 Denver, CO 80246-0895 4.LATE REGISTRATIONS: The CSDC organizers have the power to decide whether to accept registrations received after the deadlines, depending on available time in the program. Late entries will incur a late entry penalty. In the event of late entries being accepted after the program order has been announced those late entries will not count toward Studio or Teacher bonus or award programs.

CODE OF CONDUCT 2) Code of conduct: It is of up most importance to CSDC that we have a safe environment for all dancers. While on the competition premises, competitors, coaches, teachers, and parent/guardians shall conduct themselves in a civil sportsmanlike manner at all times. Any unsportsmanlike behavior should be brought to the attention of the Organizer and/or Chairman of Judges. All athletes must behave in a responsible manner and with good sportsmanship. Including respecting other athletes, with no offensive or threatening behavior whatsoever. Anyone not comporting themselves in such a manner will be immediately removed from competition without any compensation or refund of entries, packages, workshops, or spectator tickets. a.Competitors participating in the Colorado State Dance Championship will accept as final the individual markings of the Adjudicators, no competitor shall harass or question a judge about their personal reasons for their scores. b.The organization of the Colorado State Dance Championship reserves the right to allow or not the participation of any dancer or academy, this under its own criteria, without this having any repercussions in legal channels or in the media. If for this reason the affected person or academy makes a comment or fact that, in the opinion of the organization, is dangerous and / or offensive to the image of the organization or the competition, it proceeds to exercise its relevant legal right.

COMPETITOR RESPONSIBILITIES 3) Competitor's responsibilities: It is the competitor’s responsibility to be in attendance and ready to dance up to 30 minutes in advance of the posted time scheduled for their event. Not being present when your event is called may lead to disqualification. a.The organization can advance or delay the times of the program order according to needs and without prior notice. b.The organization reserves the right to modify the order of the program order without prior notice. c.All competitors agree to abide by all the regulations and policies set forth by the competition. d.The organization of the Colorado State Dance Championship reserves the right to advance or delay the awards of the event according to timing needs of the organization, so the athletes must have the commitment to be present for their awards during the day of their competition. e.If for any reason the athlete (s) are not present at the time of the award ceremony, they can still claim their award by written request. Their award will be mailed to the address given on the registration forms.

MINORS 4) Minors: An adult studio representative (teacher, dance director, or owner) is fully responsible for all minors at ALL times from their school while on the competition premises. a.All directors and / or instructors must know the medical history of the members of their delegation and have an emergency plan in case of eventualities during the event b.Underage participants must have the authorization of their parents or legal representatives to participate in the Colorado State Dance Championship. Minors release form must be signed by parent or guardian.

SUBSTITUTES 5) Substitutes: The substitution of a member for a substitute will have to be communicated to the Chairperson and the reason for which the change is made. The only allowed reasons are for injury or for any reason that does not allow them to continue in competition. Substitutions will not be allowed as a sports tactic. Substitutes are not permitted for any reason once a quarter or semi final has been run.

REFUNDS 6) Money Returns & Refunds: Once the registration has been made, the organization DOES NOT MAKE ANY REFUNDS, you will be credited for the following year’s event. a.In the event that the Colorado State Dance Championship must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or events, monies will be credited toward the following year’s event.

LIABILITY WAIVER & RELEASE 7) Legal Liability Waiver & Release Colorado State Dance Championship 2024 PHOTO RELEASE FORM Release: I hereby grant the Colorado State Dance Championship, LLC. and its respective licensees, successors, affiliates, and assigns permission to use and reproduce any images of my child (children) or self in any format whatsoever for promotional purposes including but not limited to marketing, advertising publicity, print materials, social media, websites, and internet advertising. Said images are the property of the Colorado State Dance Championship, LLC. and no compensation whatsoever is paid for the use thereof. I agree to fully indemnify, hold harmless and release all claims against Colorado State Dance Championship, LLC. in relation to said name and images. INJURY WAIVER AND GENERAL RELEASE FORM By signing your name below as a participant, and/or parent / legal guardian of a participant at the Colorado State Dance Championship, LLC., you acknowledge that participation in our event may expose you to a possibility of personal injury. You, being fully aware that attending and/or participating in dance workshops, dance competitions, dance exhibitions, or other related activities at the event, exposes you to a possible risk of personal injury, hereby releasing Colorado State Dance Championship, and its officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants, independent contractors and affiliates from any and all liability from property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from or in connection with your participation in the event including claims that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent. Neither the competition organization nor the representatives of the facilities, are responsible for loss or theft of any belongings of the participants and the general public Minor aged participants should never be left unattended. A representative from your academy, school, or parent/guardian representative must know where minor is at all times and be responsible for said minor and their activities while on the premises. You acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the injury waiver and General Release Form. This agreement shall be binding on you, your spouse, your children, legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns.

MUSIC REQUIREMENTS 8) Music Requirements 1.UPLOADING YOUR MUSIC: Make sure the contact email you provide is correct on your registration form as you will receive an email from Colorado State Dance Championship with your specific upload link for all of your music. This will be the official way to provide us your music. We must receive your music BEFORE the day of competition. Please upload your music in MP3 format and under 50MB each. a.We highly recommend you bring a backup of your music on a USB drive/flash drive, as a precaution. Mistakes do happen. If providing a USB/flash drive it must only be in MP3 formats and under 50MB each. 2.APPROPRIATE MUSIC: The music must be in accordance with the routine and dance style, it may not have inappropriate language (obscene, offensive or discriminatory). 3.Problems with Musical Tracks at competition. Only in the event of a technical failures of the competition in the event's audio, the participants may start over or may appear at the end of the corresponding competition block. 4.MUSIC LENGTH LIMITS: The duration of the musical track must not exceed the choreographic time indicated in the regulations. An additional 60 seconds may be purchased for $10/additional 60 seconds. Please contact registration to inquire and reserve your extra time at the time of registration. This add on will not be available once the competition has commenced. a.The competition will do its best to contact any participant ahead of the competition if we should find that their provided music does not meet the time limit restrictions, but it is not guaranteed. b.Music that goes beyond the maximum length for showdance competition will be stopped or faded at the limit mark. 5.SHOWDANCE COMPETITOR PROVIDED MUSIC EVENTS and SHOWCASE– TIME LIMITS - Soloist 3.00 minutes maximum - Duo/Trio (2-3 dancers)3.00 minutes maximum - Team - Group (4+ dancers) 3.00 minutes maximum - Small Group 3.00 minutes maximum *if competition separates group category into small and large - Large Group 5.00 minutes maximum *if competition separates group category into small and large - All Star Event3.0minute maximum for all divisions HEATED & COMPETITON PROVIDED MUSIC EVENTS – TIME LIMITS - Argentine Tango de Pista3 full songs - Social Salsa & Bachata1.30 minutes maximum - Ballroom Single Dances1.00 minute – 1.10 minute max - Ballroom Multi/Scholarship1.00minute – 1:20 minute max

GENERAL COSTUME RESTRICTIONS 9) Costume a)THE GENERAL RULES OF DRESS FOR ALL DISCIPLINES ARE THE FOLLOWING: The decoration of the costumes or accessories that use symbols with religious, political or offensive references to public morals is not allowed, except in disciplines in which religious symbols are historically necessary, and as long as they are used without offending or damaging to someone. b)The clothing must cover the intimate parts of the athlete. Therefore, the following garments are prohibited, transparent inserts or nude in intimate garments or in intimate areas. c)BALLRROOM MINI & PRE-TEEN AMATEUR COUPLE AND PRO/AM COSTUME RESTRICTIONS: Please be aware of the costume restrictions for Pro/Am and Amateur Couple Mini & Pre-Teen non-showdance events.. These are standard attire restrictions and expectations in the industry, and can be found at the end of Regulations & Policies document. d)The chairman of judges may require an athlete or athletes to change all or part of any costume or accessory if he considers that such costume or accessory is contrary to the rules. e)During the competition, nothing in the presentation, costumes, music or choreography can be changed. These elements must be kept unchanged throughout the competition to ensure equality between all competitors.

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BALLROOM YOUTH COSTUME GUIDANCE Mini & Pre-Teen Amateur Couple & Pro-Am These rules follow the standards set forth by ballroom/dancesport organizations for youth sport. Leader Long-Sleeved Shirt and Trousers ● Plain white long-sleeved shirt. ● Black tie or black bowtie. ● Shirt must be tucked into trousers. ● Tail shirts, tuxedo shirts, shirts with wing collars, and/or French cuffs are not allowed. ● Plain black trousers. ● (Optional) Black satin strip down the outside length of the trouser leg and/or around the waist. ● Black shoes. ● Black socks Follower 1. One Piece Dress ● Dress must be one piece. ● Fabric must be one color and may not be the same as skin tone. ● Decorations without light reflective qualities are allowed on dress. ● Skirt hem must not be shorter than 4” above the knee or longer than just under the kneecap. ● Sewn-in skirt may be plain or pleated, minimum of 1 half circle to a maximum of 1½ circles of the same length. ● (Optional) One plain underskirt of the same length as the overskirt. ● (Optional) Outer skirt/bodice may be transparent material the same color as the rest of the dress, provided the underskirt/bodice is non transparent 2. Blouse or Leotard and Skirt ● Single color blouse or leotard. ● Single color skirt (same as or different from top). ● Fabric color may not be the same as skin tone. ● Blouse or leotard must adhere to skin coverage requirements. ● Blouse must be tucked into skirt. ● Skirt hem must not be shorter than 4” above the knee or longer than just under the kneecap. ● Skirt may be plain or pleated, minimum of 1 half circle to a maximum of 1½ circles of the same length. ● (Optional) One plain underskirt of the same length as the overskirt. ● (Optional) Outer skirt or bodice may be transparent material the same color as the rest of the skirt or bodice, provided the underskirt or bodice is non-transparent. 3. Blouse or Leotard and Pants • Single color blouse or leotard. • Single color pants (same as or different from top). • Fabric color may not be the same as skin tone. • Blouse or leotard must adhere to skin coverage requirements. • Blouse must be tucked into pants Footwear Lace Up Dress Shoe • Black dress-style shoe with laces, patent leather optional. • Block heel, maximum height of 1 1/2”. • Black socks. Pump or Sandal with or without Heel • Color not restricted. • Block heel, maximum heel height of 1 1/2”. • No embellishments or glitter except on the side buckle of the shoes. • (Optional) Short socks with a row of lace folded down or flesh-colored tights may be worn. Not Permitted Personal or Decorative jewelry of any kind with light effects, including, earrings, necklaces, etc. ● Trousers with any fabric strips not described above. ● Untucked shirts. ● Rolled-up sleeves. ● Decorations, materials, or shoes with any light-reflective qualities, other than allowed above. ● Two-piece apparel with gaps between the upper garment and the lower garment allowing skin to show when athlete is still or moving. ● Gloves or floats. ● Mesh Tights. ● Hair decorations other than allowed above, including colored or glittered hairspray and any other decorations. ● Underskirts larger than an overskirt in any dimension. ● Skirts or underskirts with ruffles or frills. ● Skirts or pants with slits. ● Make up, spray tan, glitter, or similar material anywhere on the body ● Skin tone fabric

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